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Lamont Peterson, Amir Khan Ordered To Fight Rematch After WBA Discovered 'Multiple Irregularities' In December Fight

Lamont Peterson's December light welterweight title fight victory over Amir Khan was controversial at the time, and that controversy has caused the World Boxing Association to step in. The WBA has ordered Khan and Peterson to fight again after "multiple irregularities" were discovered during the December 10 fight, according to the Associated Press. The fight must take place within the next 180 days.

"In its resolution mandating the rematch, the WBA went out of its way to note that, under normal circumstances, it would not disturb the discretionary function of a referee," the organization said in a statement. "However, in this case, because of the multiple irregularities, it was necessary for it to order the rematch."

Khan lost the fight after being penalized two points for pushing without being issued a warning. Later, he complained on Twitter about the outcome, showing video of a "mystery man" that seemed to be interacting with the referees. The WBA's report called the pushing point penalties "questionable" and deemed the mystery man -- identified as Mustafa Ameen -- was not authorized to speak to officials.

It remains unclear where the rematch might take place.