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Lamont Peterson Not Bound To Rematch, More On 'Mystery Man'

Although the WBA has ordered a rematch of Lamont Peterson and Amir Khan II's December fight, ESPN's Dan Rafael reports Peterson, the winner in a split decision the first time around, is not bound to the fight.

He could vacate the belt. He is also one of the leading candidates to land a June fight against welterweight titleholder Manny Pacquiao, one of boxing's two biggest stars. Peterson could move up in weight if that fight is offered to him and earn far more than he could earn in a rematch with Khan.

"One thing you cannot do is force a fighter to take a fight," Schaefer said. "Everybody has to do what they feel is best for them. I respect that. In this weight class a rematch is the biggest fight that can be made and it would be a shame if that doesn't happen. I say that, yes, as a promoter, but also as a fight fan. It would be a hugely anticipated fight."

A rematch would have to be negotiated between the two camps, so although it has been ordered, it doesn't actually mean it is going to happen.

Meanwhile, Rafael offers a statement from the Peterson camp on the so called "mystery man," Mustafa Ameen, who was seen ringside interacting with judges and celebrating with Peterson's people after the match.

"Since Khan continues to focus on a man at ringside, I want to be very clear -- Mustafa Ameen is in no way, nor has he ever been, affiliated or associated with anyone within Team Peterson," said Barry Hunter, Peterson's manager, trainer and father figure. "That includes myself, Lamont and (brother) Anthony Peterson."

Needless to say, things surrounding this fight seem pretty fishy at the moment. Stay tuned to SB Nation DC for any updates as they become available.