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Navy Lineman Jabaree Tuani Makes All-Star Game

Senior Navy defensive lineman Jabaree Tuani will take part in the 2012 East West Shrine Game in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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While players from schools like Navy and Army aren't typically talked about once NFL Draft season rolls around, they will occasionally have some players that spark the interest of NFL clubs. A lot of the time however, the academies will send a player or two to the annual college all-star games. Senior defensive lineman Jabaree Tuani is one of those players, as he'll be participating in the 2012 East West Shrine Game.

Tuani is the third Midshipman player in the past three years to be invited to the game and the 24th Navy player in history to be invited. Last year, Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs was invited to and played in the game and in the year prior linebacker Ross Pospisil played in the 2010 game. This year, the senior defensive end will look to impress some NFL scouts at the game. Tuani was a playmaker for the often maligned Navy defense this past season and was a stable for the Mids for a few seasons and ended the 2011 season with 5.5 sacks.

Academy players aren't often drafted by the NFL, but athletes from the military academies are obligated to fulfill a five-year commitment to the armed services upon graduating. Often players drafted or signed by NFL teams are typically granted leave to pursue their athletic careers. Those players can be called back to duty however, like New England Patriots running back Eric Kettani and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach who had to serve his time before playing in the NFL.

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