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Thunder Vs. Wizards: Kevin Durant Returns Home To Face Struggling Washington Side

The Verizon Center should be buzzing as D.C.'s native son Kevin Durant and the rest of the Oklahoma City Thunder face the Wizards on Wednesday.

The Washington Wizards are still looking for their second win of the year, and things don't get much easier as they host the talented and dynamic Oklahoma City Thunder at the Verizon Center on Wednesday night. The game starts at 7 pm and can be seen on CSN.

There are a few games every year when the Wizards fans are close to being outnumbered at the Verizon Center and this might be one of those occasions. Kevin Durant is a proud native of Washington and everyone who lives here is proud of him. Even if fans are rooting for the Wizards tonight, it's hard to root against Durant playing in his hometown.

And did I mention that the Thunder are also one of the best overall teams in the NBA? And that if Kevin Durant doesn't beat you, there's a good chance Russell Westbrook will? This could be a very difficult game for the Wizards.

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