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Lamont Peterson Appeals WBA Decision To Order Rematch With Amir Khan

Lamont Peterson's camp has appealed a decision passed down by the World Boxing Association ordering a rematch between him and Amir Khan after Peterson emerged victorious in a December 10 title fight in Washington D.C., according to a Peterson camp press release.

"A comprehensive written appeal has been submitted to the WBA and we are confident that the WBA will overturn its decision mandating an immediate rematch and recognize Lamont Peterson as the true and final WBA Jr. Welterweight World Champion," the release states.

The appeal comes one week after the WBA ordered a rematch due to the discovery of "multiple irregularities" in the officiating on December 10. Peterson won a controversial fight due to two point-penalty calls on Khan. The WBA investigation also said that a man who was discovered talking to the officials late in the fight was unauthorized to do so.

Khan has already dropped his appeal to the International Boxing Federation to rematch for that crown, something pointed out in the press release Peterson's camp put out.

"The Peterson team aggressively responded with sound and factual supporting documentation to each of the various accusations which Khan used to dispute his loss of the World Championship to Peterson. This also included an unfounded allegation that a "mystery man" at ringside affected the outcome of the bout," the release stated.

"Other allegations by Khan were against the referee's actions during the bout and the calculation of the scorecards by the judges as part of the reason he was declared the loser of the bout," it continued. "Khan and Golden Boy vigorously used the media in efforts to further advance their argument, while Team Peterson responded with the facts and remained firm that they would not permit these tactics to detract from the Jr. Welterweight World Championship Lamont earned in the ring."

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