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VIDEO: Matt Hendricks, Rene Bourque Fight As Capitals Seek Retribution For Nicklas Backstrom

Everybody knew it was coming. Even Rene Bourque knew it was coming. The former Calgary Flames forward knocked out Waahington Capitals forward Nicklas Backstrom with an elbow to the head January 3, an elbow that has kept Backstrom out of the lineup since with what could be a concussion.

Last week, Bourque was traded from the Flames, who would not play the Caps again, to the Montreal Canadiens, who had yet to play them. Wednesday, it took just 1:15 for Washington to seek retribution as Matt Hendricks dropped the gloves with Bourque at Bell Centre. See the fight below the jump.

The fight was more or less a draw as both Hendricks and Bourque landed several shots, but Bourque might be considered the winner for the sole purpose that he fell on top of Hendricks at center ice before the officials pulled them apart. Either way, the Caps stood up for Backstrom and themselves, which is really all that matters.

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