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Washingtonian: Washington Redskins Have Already Chosen Their Next QB

With the offseason just getting underway for the Washington Redskins, it's quite clear that their number one objective will be finding a player they believe can develop into a franchise quarterback.

Speculation has already run rampant throughout Redskins land in recent weeks as to who the team may be targeting, and whether that may come in free agency or in April's draft.

But according to Washingtonian magazine, the team already has its sights set on their new QB.

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This from Carol Ross Joynt:

Washington Redskins president of operations Dennis Greene was overheard telling people at a Washington Economic Club luncheon today that a new quarterback has been chosen, "and fans will be elated." Greene said the mystery player's name won't be revealed until April, when the NFL draft occurs.

Apparently, the Redskins know who they're going to draft already, even if it's only January 20th.

Which is before the Senior Bowl ... and the Combine ... and free agency ... and pro days and private workouts ... and notwithstanding the fact that other teams may be targeting the same player. But no matter, because fans will be elated, right?

The Redskins were contacted by the magazine, with spokesman Tony Wyllie stating "we have not named our 2012 starting QB."

In other news, this is going to be a long three months, folks.

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