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UFC On FX 1 Results: Mike Easton Defeats Jared Papazian By Majority Decision

D.C. native Mike Easton took part in his second ever UFC bout on the UFC on FX 1 fight card. Easton took on Jared Papazian in a bantamweight bout, picking up his second career UFC victory by decision.

The fight started out with each fighter giving a flurry of shots in the center of the ring, but then progressed to each trying to work the clinch on the cage. Easton controlled most of the clinch getting in some punches and knees to the thigh, but Papazian was able to land some nasty short elbows as they each fought for underhooks. The fight slowed after the referee broke the clinch and it saw Easton stalk Papazian around the cage exchanging some combinations through much of the rest of the first round. The fighters clinched and exchanged a flurry of blows again just like the match started as the first round bell rang.

Easton continued to stalk Papazian to start the second round and exchanged some more punches as the worked their way around the cage. Papazian continued to switch his stances while looking for that knockout punch. Easton opened up with a kick to the leg a nailed Papazian with a straigh punch, but Papazian clinched and put Easton's back to the cage. Easton worked underhooks however and regained control as the two fighters continued to trade knees and short punches. Referee Mario Yamasaki once again broke up the clinch and the fighters went back to Easton stalking Papazian around the ring and exchanging punches. Easton was able to get a take down with about a minute left in the second round and worked his way to half-guard, but Papazian was able to get back to his feet, but the round ended with Easton stuffing a takedown.

The third round began with the fighters exchanging combinations as Easton landed a couple of nice leg kicks, but Papazian was able to clinch once again and take Easton's back to the cage. Easton once again got the underhooks and reversed position. Mario Yamasaki broke the fighters up again and the two went back to circling the cage and exchanging a few blows. Easton began stalking Papazian again and landing some viscous body punches then the two began exchanging punches in the middle of the ring. Easton began to find his range in the third round, but Papazian slowed the pace by clinching and taking Easton to the cage. The two continued to exchange blows through the third round. Papazian connected on a big uppercut in the final thirty seconds, but Easton came right back with a big right hand of his own. The final round ended with Easton stuffing one last Papazian takedown.

Easton took the fight controlling all three rounds as all three judges scored the fight in favor of Mike "The Hulk" Easton.

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