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2012 NFL Power Rankings, Wild Card Weekend: Redskins Finish Season At No. 28

The Washington Redskins finished the season on a sour note against the Philadelphia Eagles, as a result, they come in towards the bottom of the final SB Nation Power Rankings.

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The NFL regular season is over and all but 12 teams have packed up their lockers and headed home for a long offseason. That includes, of course, the Redskins, who finished with a 5-11 record after a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles to close out the season. So where do they rank in the finale of the 2012 NFL Power Rankings? Well, despite having a better record than some of the teams surrounding them, the Redskins come in at No. 30 on the year end list. They also raise an interesting point.

The problem with the Redskins is that they don't really do anything well. They don't put fear into other teams. Maybe those linebackers will continue blossoming into the strength of the team.

The Redskins faithful might believe that they are just a quarterback away from contention, but it will take some solid additions all over the field to make them true contenders. But hey, that's what the offseason is for after all.

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