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Maryland Football Recruiting: An Overview Of Needs Prior To National Signing Day 2012

Can Randy Edsall pull a rabbit out of his hat and land the Terps a big time local talent as signing day approaches?

National Signing Day is just two days away, and the landscape of College Football could potentially change drastically in that time. Maryland is still being mentioned, perhaps optimistically, with some of the biggest recruits in the Country, so the buildup in the next two days should be well worth following.

Our Maryland football blog Testudo Times has a nice little rundown of the commitments Maryland has already secured at the skill positions, and what they should still be looking for. It's a primer for signing day, considering the biggest realistic target (and I say that with some uncertainty) is a wide receiver. Here is more on Stefon Diggs.

Yes, Stefon Diggs is still out there. He's not deciding for another ten days, though - a week after signing day - and still has visits to Ohio State and Maryland on the radar. Seeing as he's down to four you'd think Maryland has a fighting chance, especially if Mrs. Diggs has much sway, as she supposedly is a big Randy Edsall fan.

There are two other big local recruits in the area in Eddie Goldman and Ronald Darby, but it doesn't seem like the Terps have a shot at either of those two players.

For more on recruiting and all things Maryland athletics, please head over to the aforementioned Testudo Times. Please check out the SB Nation College Football hub for more on all the big commitments as Signing Day approaches.