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Virginia Football Recruiting: Cavaliers Expected To Pull In Impressive Class

Virginia is expected to pull in a solid recruiting class on National Signing Day.

After several years of being an ACC dormant, Virginia football started to turn it around last season under Mike London, going 8-4 in the regular season and earning a berth in the Chick Fil-A Bowl. Now, the Cavaliers are expected to continue to move in the right direction, as they are projected to pull down a top-30 recruiting class in the country by the end of National Signing Day 2012.

As SB Nation's Virginia blog Streaking the Lawn notes, the Cavaliers' class is impressive, led by a trio of players that share the same last name.

Anybody who has been a Virginia football fan for a while knows the significance of the name Moore. When Virginia football was putting itself on the map, the QB-WR combination of Shawn Moore and Herman Moore was leading the way. With the 2012 recruiting class, the Hoos have a new Moore combination to look forward to, this time on defense. DE Michael Moore and LB Kowntie Moore lead a class that most rank among the nation's top 30. A third Moore, CB C.J., is also joining the Hoos.

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