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Maryland Vs. Cornell: Mark Turgeon Frustrated With Team After Close Win

The Maryland Terrapins beat Cornell on Tuesday 70-62, but the game should not have been that close. The Terps played their best 20 minutes of basketball in the first half, jumping out to a 30-9 lead before letting Cornell get back into the game a little bit. In the second half the wheels fell off and the Terps went about ten minutes without scoring a field goal. They did just enough to hang on, but from what we know about Mark Turgeon, "just enough" isn't going to cut it. Turgeon had some unkind things to say about his players after the game.

He continued.

I don't mind Turgeon getting under the skin of his own team a little bit. He is nothing if not honest about his team. He is the first to prop them up when they do good things, and he is also good at taking some blame himself. The Terps did not look so good in the second half, and Turgeon is just trying to help them work that out.

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