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Todd Bozeman Suspended Indefinitely After Allegedly Punching Player

Morgan State has suspended their head basketball coach Todd Bozeman after he was accused of striking one of his players.

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Morgan State head basketball coach Todd Bozeman has been suspended indefinitely after being accused of hitting on of his players, senior Larry Bastfield, according to Don Markus of the Baltimore Sun. Bozeman was with the team in Georgia to take on Savannah State, but he has been recalled back to Baltimore.

Morgan State men's basketball coach Todd Bozeman said Sunday night that he has been suspended with pay by athletic director Floyd Kerr as a result of an incident toward the end of the team's road victory at South Carolina State on Saturday. Bozeman said that he was called by Kerr around 11 p.m., Sunday to inform him that he was suspended pending an investigation into the incident, which involved what Bozeman had characterized as "accidental contact" with senior guard Larry Bastfield.

The President of Savannah State even brought in police in inquire whether or not Bastfield wanted to press charges against his coach, so it appears as if there is at least some fire behind this smoke.

We'll have plenty more on this story as it develops in the coming days.