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Virginia Tech vs. Duke: Hokies try to avoid falling below .500

The Hokies and Blue Devils are headed in different directions, but the Hokies aren't going up against a powerhouse. Can they right the ship?

Lance King - Getty Images

The Virginia Tech Hokies are 3-3? The Duke Blue Devils are 5-1? We haven't seen such failure for the Hokies since 1992. Duke hasn't smelled this kind of success since 1994. So will the Hokies prevent a below-.500 record by defeating a growing program or will they fall victim to their fourth defeat and a continued to trip toward the cellar of the ACC?

Let's ask Gobbler Country.

Gobbler Country makes it clear that the Hokies have an average offense and the Blue Devils have an average defense. The Blue Devils do, however, run an unorthodox 4-2-5 scheme, which screams for the Hokies to run the ball. Unfortunately for Virginia Tech, the team ranks No. 91 in the country in rushing offense, so their ability to do so is limited.

Duke can't run the ball either, so they lean on a passing game that's in the top 30 in the nation and spreads the ball to receivers Conner Vernon, Jamison Crowder and Desmond Scott. The Hokies are in the top 30 against the pass, but barely crack the top 100 in rushing defense.

It seems as if neither team has an advantage anywhere. Where the other team is "strong", the opponent can counter. Mediocrity abounds as the game will come down to who wants to continue their momentum (Duke) or halt their downward spiral (Virginia Tech).

Gobbler Country is calling for a Virginia Tech 34-21 win.