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Maryland vs. Virginia Scoring Update: Cavaliers Score a Field Goal, Maryland Leads 17-3 At Half

After an action-packed first quarter, the rivalry game between Maryland and Virginia has slowed down considerably in the second quarter, as the Cavaliers have started to claw back.

Virginia looked to be driving down the field for the first time all game, as a 36-yard pass to Zachary Swanson ended the first quarter. After three stops by the Maryland defense, the Cavaliers had to go for a field goal. Drew Jarrett kicked the attempt horribly low, and A.J. Francis got a hand up there to block his second kick of the season.

After a Terrapin punt, Virginia was able to drive down the field and get on the board. 38 yards from Kevin Parks, 9 from Perry Jones and 4 from Clifton Richardson brought them down the field, but they had to settle for a 20-yard field goal from Ian Frye, making it 17-3 Maryland.

For Virginia, there seemed to be an internal struggle between the success of their run game and the failures of their passing unit. Throughout the quarter, Jones and Parks would get first downs before being undone by batted balls or sacks on the part of Phillip Sims.

Perry Hills was 0/3 in the quarter, and the Terps have zero yards rushing on 15 carries. Stefon Diggs had one more touch in the quarter - a 13-yard kick return, but Maryland wasn't able to do anything on offense. Luckily for them, Virginia looks like a very accurate reboot of the Terps' season last year.