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Duke vs. Virginia Tech 2012: Hokies fans react to comeback win

The Virginia Tech Hokies fell behind early to the Duke Blue Devils yesterday, trailing 20-0 at one point, before scoring 41 unanswered points en route to a 41-20 victory in Blacksburg.

Duke's early lead, which was highlighted by several big plays including a pick-six by Duke's Jordan Byas, was a significant cause for concern over at Gobbler Country, SB Nation's Virginia Tech community.

[T]he Hokies came out and fell directly on their face. Hard. Like an asphalt faceplant from one of those huge ramps used at the X Games.


The comeback victory, though, was a good sign of this team's ability and potential for Virginia Tech supporters.

... [I]t was encouraging to see the Hokies refuse to lay down after being down by a big margin, something we've seen several times already this year. ... [i]t's a win, and we'll take it.

With a difficult schedule ahead, Tech fans are largely relieved to have this win to keep their program above the .500 mark and in contention for bowl eligibility.

Next week, the Hokies will face the Clemson Tigers on the road at noon Eastern.