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Vikings vs. Redskins, Score Update: Washington extends lead to 24-12

The Washington Redskins have maintained their momentum from the end of the first half, and have extended their lead over the Minnesota Vikings to 24-12. Robert Griffin III scored on a diving seven-yard touchdown run up the middle. Observe:


That touchdown marks 24 straight points for the Redskins, who have taken control of the game in a matter of a few minutes of game time. The Vikings followed up that score with Blair Walsh's fourth field goal of the game, this one coming from 37 yards out. However, Washington seems to be firmly in the driver's seat entering the fourth quarter.

Griffin now has two touchdowns on the day, and is 15-20 for 173 yards in the air. He's also the Redskins' leading rusher with 63 yards on 11 carries.

Adrian Peterson has 68 yards on 13 carries through three quarters. Christian Ponder is 14-21 for 140 yards in the air.