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Fred Davis calls RGIII 'Black Jesus' after Redskins win Sunday

A look inside the Redskins locker room after Sunday's victory.

We haven't seen many films of the Redskins locker room at FedEx Field, a fact that we imagine has something to do with Washington's long home losing streak, which before Sunday dated back to Week 2 of the 2011 season. But the cameras were allowed in after Sunday's 38-26 win over the Minnesota Vikings, and while we can't seem to embed the video for some reason, we can link to the video here and tell you some of the awesome things to look out for before you see it for yourself.

  • Game balls: Robert Griffin III (duh) gets one for the offense, Lorenzo Alexander (double duh) gets one for the defense/special teams. We got a game ball once from our little league coaches. Hope Griffin and Alexander take better care than we did.
  • "Black Jesus": That's Fred Davis' nickname for Robert Griffin III, a nickname which has been around at least since Maurice Lucas used it to describe Earl Monroe in David Halberstam's Breaks of the Game. Blasphemous? Possibly. A sign of the high regard the rookie is held in? Definitely.
  • The double-time version of The Lord's Prayer: Well, it was Sunday after all. And we won't contest the power of prayer with a man who received last rites and lived to tell about it.

What a Sunday, eh?