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Davidson will not join CAA, according to report

Davidson will not join the Colonial Athletic Association, according to Chris Dortch.

Davidson was officially invited to join the CAA in July. The CAA is trying to replace Georgia State, Virginia Commonwealth and Old Dominion. Georgia State is headed to the Sun Belt, Virginia Commonwealth is going to the Atlantic 10 and Old Dominion is slated for Conference USA.

Sports Illustrated's Luke Winn broke down the pros and cons of the potential move when the idea floated around in May:

The CAA would offer slightly more money and more TV exposure, but no guarantee of better NCAA tournament positioning -- and Davidson's travel costs, which are affordable in the bus-trip friendly SoCon, would skyrocket due to all the flights required to visit CAA opponents in the north. And then there's the issue of competition: Where would the Wildcats stand in the CAA's new hierarchy?