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Dustin Penner snarks on Nats celebration

The Stanley Cup-winning forward tweets sarcastic congratulations Monday night.

Dustin Penner is a 30-year-old man from Winkler, Manitoba, Canada. He plays hockey for the Los Angeles Kings, who won the Stanley Cup back in June. Apart from that, Penner's probably best known for injuring his back while eating a stack of pancakes. No, really.

Monday, Penner was apparently flipping channels (he's got some unexpected free time on his hands, you see) when he came across the Washington Nationals celebrating their NL East championship despite losing to the Phillies. This got Penner's back up.

Buh-ZING! Did you all catch the note of sarcasm in there? Did you? Just wanted to make sure.

Anyway, Penner sent out a quick mea culpa, presumably after someone reminded him that the Nationals had played 162 games to earn the right to play at least three more. (By contrast, the Kings played 102 games over the entirety of their 2011-12 season and playoffs.)

Now that we can agree on. Anyone else feel like pancakes now?