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Wake Forest vs. Virginia 2012: Hoos react to loss

Would yesterday's game between the Virginia Cavaliers and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons be the "breakthrough" game the Cavaliers needed? That was the question posed by Streaking the Lawn, SB Nation's Virginia Cavaliers community, before the Hoos would fall to Wake Forest 16-10.

In spite of a solid defensive effort which allowed just 213 yards of offense for Wake Forest, UVA failed to score a touchdown in the second half and turned the ball over too many times to overcome the Deacons.

Streaking the Lawn finds the Virginia special teams to be the most culpable unit of the squad for yesterday's loss.

Usually, 2-6 teams have other issues more pressing to examine than special teams miscues. This is not the case for Virginia, as poor coverage, questionable strategy, and constant blunders are costing the team points and games.

Missed field goals, poor kick coverage, and special teams penalties were all damaging to Virginia's effort.

Also criticized by Streaking the Lawn were UVA's run game, or lack thereof, and quarterback Phillip Sims' costly fourth quarter interception.

Phillip Sims's day will be defined by one throw, an interception where Sims threw up a prayer to Darius Jennings rather than accept a sack, on 2nd and 1 from Wake's 34 with 13 minutes to play.

Next week, UVA will travel to Raleigh to take on the NC State Wolfpack in ACC play.