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Former Hoya Roy Hibbert goes Gangnam Style on Indianapolis

Roy and members of his cheering section unleash meme hell on some unsuspecting Hoosiers.

There are so many reasons to like Roy Hibbert. For Georgetown fans, there's his role in raising the Hoyas back to national prominence as a key piece of the 2007 Final Four team. For NBA fans, there's his role as a reliable big man on a watchable, likable Indiana Pacers team that has helped restore that area's affection for NBA basketball.

Those are the main reasons. If you needed another, than check out the video below, in which Roy and members of his Bankers Life Fieldhouse cheering section (Area 55, if you're interested) go all Gangnam Style on some unsuspecting Hoosier shoppers at Indianapolis' Circle Centre Mall.

It's even funnier if you imagine this scenario: that the Circle Centre Mall in Indianapolis is the absolute last place on Earth to hear about Gangnam Style. Go on, try it. It's hilarious.

H/T for this one goes to Casual Hoya, where the cult of Roy remains alive and well.