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Bruce Boudreau admits he didn't want Caps to win Cup in '12

“I think human nature dictates that I didn’t want them to win,” Boudreau told

Like Bruce Boudreau, we've lost jobs in the past. And each time, we've been torn between wanting the people we interacted with on a daily basis to have success and just wishing the whole enterprise would come tumbling down around everyone else's ears. It can be a very complicated dilemma.

The former Capitals coach elaborated on his dilemma in an interview with that was published Friday. We'll just note that Boudreau was watching some old Capitals games and taking notes on them as a way of keeping himself in tune with the game during the ongoing, soul-sapping lockout.

The inevitable question came up, and here was Boudreau's response.

I was happy for certain individuals on that team that I know just hate to lose and they play so hard. So when they had a little bit of success, winning the first round in probably the first time they hadn't been favored in a round for five years, I was happy for them.

As far as anything else goes, I think human nature dictates that I didn't want them to win. I think that's just human nature. I was hoping for some players to have success and players I really like to do well and they did, but quite frankly nobody ever admits it -- and maybe I just did -- but I wasn't exactly pulling for them because it would have validated me losing my job.

Boudreau, lest you forget, is currently coaching the Anaheim Ducks, who did not make the playoffs in 2011-12.

H/T to Pro Hockey Talk on this one.