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VIDEO: Sam Rosen calls Steelers 'Penguins'

The FOX play-by-play man really misses the NHL, apparently.

We try to avoid giving broadcasters stick on this site for slips of concentration. Mostly because, having done play-by-play (albeit on public access TV) a very, very long time ago, we appreciate that these guys are on live TV and sometimes, things happen.

But generally, it's better for these mistakes to occur well into a three-hour broadcast rather than, say, during the open. That's what happened to FOX's Sam Rosen on Sunday when, apparently confused by Pittsburgh's striped uniforms, he referred to Washington's opponents as the "Penguins." Let's go to the video.

Now, Rosen's primary gig is as a play-by-play man for the New York Rangers (signature call: "It's a POWER PLAY GOAL!" with extra oomph on the last three words), and since he does his football commentaries for NFC-heavy FOX, it's a safe bet that Rosen's spent far more time in Pittsburgh to call Penguins games than Steelers games.

But still. Bad form, Sam.

(H/T to Christmas Ape over at Kissing Suzy Kolber)