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Nats selling champagne bottles for charity

One club's trash is a souvenir-hunter's treasure ...

Greg Fiume - Getty Images

We were all set to go off on a rant and play Name That Aphorism when we found out that the Nationals were selling used champagne bottles from Monday night's celebration of the NL East clinch for $100 a pop. (Corks for just $50!)

But it seems that the proceeds will be going to the Nationals Dream Foundation, which is the club's charitable arm, and so it's very hard to get completely worked up over this. Besides, who are we to tell people how to spend their money. We've all made at least one ill-advised purchase at some point or another.


Photo via @cnichols14.

We mean, if it were us, we would hold out for the bottles from a potential World Series-clinching celebration (though we shudder to think of what the cost would be), but hey, if people want to give $100 to charity for an empty bottle that would normally net them a 10-cent recycling deposit in Michigan, go ahead.

Oh, and the aphorism we were looking for is "There's a sucker born every minute."