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Nationals get early 12-1 odds to win 2013 World Series

The World Series just ended Sunday, but the futures lines are already out.

The 2012 baseball season wrapped up on Sunday night, in case you missed it (and, judging by the TV ratings, a good many of you did). All that's left now is the announcement of awards from the BBWAA, the winter meetings, and the seemingly endless wait for spring training.

Fortunately, Bovada's gotten the jump on everyone else, releasing their 2013 World Series odds on Monday. We're not sure exactly what the calculus that goes into these things is, but we do know that the Nationals have been given 12-1 odds of lifting the Commissioner's Trophy next October, making them joint-fourth favorites with the Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels.

Here's the full listing of odds.

Detroit Tigers 6/1
New York Yankees 7/1
San Francisco Giants 10/1
Texas Rangers 12/1
Washington Nationals 12/1
Los Angeles Angels 12/1
Philadelphia Phillies 14/1
St. Louis Cardinals 14/1
Cincinnati Reds 14/1
Atlanta Braves 14/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 18/1
Tampa Bay Rays 20/1
Boston Red Sox 22/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 25/1
Baltimore Orioles 25/1
Milwaukee Brewers 25/1
Oakland Athletics 25/1
Chicago White Sox 28/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 30/1
Toronto Blue Jays 35/1
Seattle Mariners 40/1
Miami Marlins 40/1
New York Mets 40/1
San Diego Padres 60/1
Minnesota Twins 66/1
Chicago Cubs 75/1
Cleveland Indians 75/1
Colorado Rockies 75/1
Kansas City Royals 75/1
Houston Astros 150/1

Poor Astros.