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Wizards vs. Cavaliers: Postgame press conferences and blog reaction

SB Nation DC and the Washington Wizards have partnered to bring you great hoops content from every game this season.

Jason Miller

The Wizards opened their season Tuesday night with a 94-84 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Here at SB Nation DC, we've partnered with the Wizards to provide you with fresh content throughout the season. You'll be seeing more original material in the coming days, weeks, and months.

For now, however, we're happy to share Tuesday night's postgame remarks from Randy Wittman, Jordan Crawford, Earl Barron, Emeka Okafor, Chris Singleton, Bradley Beal, A.J. Price, and Trevor Ariza.

Elsewhere, over at SB Nation's Wizards site, Bullets Forever, Thomas Pruitt wrote about Washington's role players.

[A]s the Wizards are currently constructed, their best bet would probably be to run a lot of plays for Martell Webster, since he's a bit better than Ariza at creating shots off of the dribble and can provide spacing for Booker's dives to the basket. Vesely got a bit stronger over the summer, too, and might be a better pick and roll finisher as a result.

But no matter what they do, though, the offense is unlikely to get much better until a few key players start coming back.

Meanwhile, Bullets Forever senior editor, and SB Nation DC editor emeritus Mike Prada discussed Bradley Beal's underwhelming debut.

It's just a bit disheartening because this was the knock on Beal in college. He has such a smooth game that he sometimes fades back when someone comes back at him. That has to change in the NBA, because nobody is going to do him any favors.