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Cam Newton says he voted for RGIII to win Heisman

The Panthers quarterback clearly has some admiration for his successor as the Heisman Trophy winner.

Jeff Zelevansky

Today is Wednesday, which in the realm of the NFL media means it's conference call day with the opposing coach and one player from the opposing team. Since the Redskins are playing the Carolina Panthers this week, we'll give you one guess who the opposing player was.

Cam Newton, come on down!

Naturally, there was a lot of discussion of Robert Griffin III since, you know, they were both Heisman Trophy winners, and high draft picks, and both grabbed the attention of the college football world with unbelievable final seasons of their respective college careers.

And then, Joseph White of the Associated Press picked up this tidbit

We'll be honest, we'd forgotten that voting for the Heisman Trophy is conducted among several hundred media members (the website Stiff Arm Trophy has a fairly comprehensive list) as well as the 56 living Heisman recipients, from John David Crow and Dick Kazmaier all the way through to ... Matt Leinart and Danny Wuerffel. Hey, it's still a pretty cool club to be a member of, if we do say so ourselves.