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Maryland vs. Wake Forest Scoring Update: Deacons Take Lead Back Off Maryland Turnover, Up 14-13 After Third

With so many mental errors in this game so far, you had to figure one would lead to a game-changing score. Eleven penalties and five turnovers later, and Wake Forest has taken a 14-13 lead through three quarters after a Maryland fumble set up a Tommy Bohanon touchdown.

After receiving the kick to start out, Maryland continued to try and go with the zone-read, but Perry Hills was stripped by Joey Ehrmann. Duran Lowe recovered, giving the Deacons great field position to start out the second half. Three plays later, and it was Wake's turn to fumble - this time Josh Harris, with Kenneth Tate recovering for Maryland, and giving the Terps a fresh start on the quarter.

On third-and-ten, Hills looked for Stefon Diggs on the right side, but the true freshman dropped the pass. Hills was leveled on the play, and the Deacons were called for roughing the passer. The Terps were unable to capitalize, and the drive ended with Hills getting sacked for a ten-yard loss.

After stuffing the Wake Forest offense, the Terps gave the ball away again. Diggs muffed the punt, and the Deacons got possession deep in Maryland territory. This time, Wake was able to take advantage, as Tanner Price found fullback Tommy Bohanon in the end-zone for a seven-yard score. The Deacons led 14-13.

After a stunted Maryland drive led to Nate Renfro's third punt under 30 yards of the day, the Terps were able to stop Wake Forest's drive thanks to a great defensive effort by Jeremiah Johnson, who broke up a deep third-down pass intended for Lovell Jackson.

The Terps just eclipsed the 150 mark in total yards as the quarter ended, and are currently facing a third-and-six at their own 44. Wes Brown is the leading rusher for the Terps, with ten carries for 23 yards, while Diggs has four catches for 42 yards. Hills stands at 10/21 for 121 yards with a touchdown and an interception.