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Wake Forest vs. Maryland 2012: Testudo Times Reacts

"It was boring. It was long. It was flat. And it was sloppy. So, so, so sloppy."

That is how Testudo Times, SB Nation's Maryland Terrapins community, described the Terps' 19-14 win over the Wake Forest Demon Deacons yesterday. It was not, to Maryland fans, a convincing win, with penalties, turnovers and poor special teams play keeping the game closer than it should have been. Still, the Maryland defense and the big play capability of Stefon Diggs earned the victory.

Diggs' efforts in particular were celebrated by Testudo Times, who gave Terps fans "a moment of magic from their most talented player" on a huge 63-yard reception which saw him evade several tacklers to get the ball into the red zone for Maryland.

It's the type of play that reminds you of how spectacular and talented Diggs really is. It showcased his absurd athleticism, in particular his change-of-direction, but more importantly it showcased some of his mental toughness.

Next week, Maryland faces Virginia in Charlottesville.