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Mike Shanahan thought that his money, passport were stolen at Heinz Field (Updated: Redskins say they were)

The Redskins lost to the Steelers October 28, but Mike Shanahan's day got a lot worse.

Joe Sargent

Hey, remember October 28, back in the ancient past before Barack Obama was re-elected President and before Hurricane Sandy splashed down on the East Coast? The day the Redskins traveled to Pittsburgh and lost 27-12thanks in no small part to their receivers dropping eleventy-one balls? The day that DeAngelo Hall went a little nutty and earned himself a still-undisclosed fine from the NFL?

Yeah, that was a bad Sunday, but it could have been a whole lot worse for Redskins coach Mike Shanahan. From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

After [the game], Shanahan complained to Steelers and stadium security officials that $3,700 and his passport were missing from a leather briefcase that was left unsecured in an open locker during the game. A security officer said Shanahan was visibly upset.

Despite being told that the locker room was secured throughout the game, Shanahan chose to file a report with Pittsburgh police. Officers subsequently met with Ed Burke, the Redskins' security director.

The report was withdrawn after Shanahan or someone associated with him called back - apparently the next day - and said the missing property had been stowed in another bag.

A few things: 1. Why is Shanahan bringing his passport on a trip from Washington to Pittsburgh? 2. We would not want to have been the officer on the receiving end of Shanahan's postgame tirade. 3. On a scale from 1 to Dolly the sheep, how sheepish did whoever made the "stand down" phone call from Ashburn sound? 4. Isn't $3,700 a little too much walking around money for a weekend in Pittsburgh?

And finally, again, who brings their passport to Pittsburgh? Did Western Pennsylvania secede while we weren't watching? Crafty Yinzers.

Update: The following was emailed to us Thursday morning by Redskins Director of Security Ed Burke:

Mike Shanahan did have money and a passport stolen out of his locker room in Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Police insisted on filing a police report because of the missing passport.

There is an ongoing investigation. The missing property was not stowed in another bag as reported.

So, stay tuned.