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That time Jordan Crawford tried to stand in for Jan Vesely at the foul line

The most memorable play of the Wizards season so far.

For reasons that remain unclear to us, we sat through the entirety of Wizards/Bobcats on Tuesday night. However, we were only half-watching in the third quarter when, with Washington already down 12, Jordan Crawford stepped up to the foul line and made a foul shot. One small problem with this: Crawford's not-so-look-a-like, Jan Vesely, was supposed to be at the line instead.

Luckily for everyone, Kyle Weidie of Truth About It posted the video, which enables us to see clearly what happened.

As you can see, Tyrus Thomas clearly gets whistled for an off-the-ball foul on Vesely, which means two foul shots since Charlotte's already over the limit. Everyone mills around, the refs change place, and next thing you know, Crawford's at the line.

Someone eventually wises up to this, which is unfortunate since it took a point off the board for the Wizards, but a boon to us all who enjoy the unintentional comedy that is Jan Vesely shooting foul shots.

By the way, this was a question in Chad Ford's ESPN chat this afternoon.

ben (dc)

how does ernie grunfeld still have a job? could last night's debacle be the last straw? Vesely play 9 minutes, 0-0 from the floor, 0-4 from the line.

Chad Ford (1:31 PM)

I've been asking that for 3 years.

Vesely also grabbed two rebounds and recorded a block. But, you know ...