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PHOTO: Maryland to wear 'Black Ops' jersey against Florida State

What's a 31-point underdog to wear at home?

With a record of 4-6 entering Saturday's home finale against Florida State, Maryland just has to beat the No. 10 Seminoles (9-1, 6-1 ACC, 1st in the Atlantic Division) -- who have recorded their best 10-game record since 2000, FSU's last national championship year -- and the North Carolina Tar Heels to achieve bowl eligibility. For the record, Maryland is also a 31-point underdog.

So, what to do if you're the Terps? If you suggested "break out the all-black jerseys," then you would be correct!

Via the Post's Terrapins Insider blog.


Oh, those are nice. Nice and black. Though we must say, given the number of cataclysmic injuries that have affected the program this season, we would have preferred Maryland to to just go for the whole hog and pay tribute to everyone's favorite genius cut down in his prime. (Skip to the :53 mark below).

Really, who doesn't love a nice requiem? Dressing in black is just common sense.