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Done deal: Maryland moving to Big Ten

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The University of Maryland will join the Big Ten Conference in 2014.


According to Brett McMurphy of, the University of Maryland is going to be leaving the ACC and joining the Big Ten. Maryland officials are scheduled to announce the move at a press conference Monday afternoon.

Maryland President Wallace Loh explained the school's decision-making to the university's student paper, The Diamondback.

"I did it to guarantee the long-term future of Maryland athletics," university President Wallace Loh told The Diamondback of the decision to move. "No future president will have to worry about cutting teams or that Maryland athletics will be at risk."

"[The Big Ten] is going national because of a phenomenon," he said. "Attendance among college-aged students is dropping. The reason is because this generation is completely wired, and they are getting their education and entertainment on tablets and mobile devices. Everyone thinks you make your money in seats. You make it on eyeballs on a screen."

Maryland's move is the latest case of a large program jumping from one power conference to another. Of course, schools such as West Virginia, Syracuse, Texas A&M, Missouri, and Utah are other examples of universities looking for better opportunities elsewhere.

To leave the ACC, Maryland will have to pay a $50 million fee. However, the move is being made on the idea that the athletic programs will gain more financial stability if the Terrapins join the Big Ten, so the fee represents small-term loss for long-term gain, according to the Baltimore Sun. For more on the potential financial benefits of the move, check out this pos on SB Nation's Maryland blog, Testudo Times.

In all likelihood, Maryland won't be able to start Big Ten play until July 2014.