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Virginia Tech vs. Miami 2012: Hokies 'failed in every area imaginable' against Hurricanes

The Virginia Tech Hokies couldn't overcome mistakes on Thursday night, falling to the Miami Hurricanes, 30-12, in a loss that puts their shot at a bowl game in serious jeopardy. This is an "unprecedented occurrence," according to the post-game analysis over at SB Nation's Gobbler Country.

"The Hokies had a bye week to prepare for this young Miami team, yet failed in every area imaginable," Chris Hatcher wrote in Gobbler Country's recap. "The play-calling offensively was markedly improved, but still not up to par. The execution was poor. The tackling was horrendous.

"No outsider would have guessed based on what they saw Thursday night that the Hokies were fresh and coming off a bye week, simply because, they played bad fundamental football and lacked effort."

The defeat also drops Virginia Tech to 4-5 overall (2-3 in the ACC) with three games left on the schedule, meaning the team needs to win two of its last three to become bowl eligible.

"What steps will be taken by the players and staff from here on out is not clear. But what is clear is that the fan base has reached a level of frustration and trepidation with the staff/team that is not going away quietly," Hatcher writes. "No longer can Beamer and his assistants hide behind a wall, claim that those fans/opinions are the minority, close ranks and save face. Despite all the criticism the Tech coaching staff/players have endured in years past, they have put together an incredibly successful football program that always found a way to answer those doubters by winning 10-games.

"But that is no more and the clock has stopped."