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Wizards use underage Beal on ads promoting bar tour

Bradley Beal, can't drink, but the Wizards have used his likeness to promote a bar tour Saturday night.

Ahead of their home opener Saturday night against the Boston Celtics, the Washington Wizards are promoting something called a Bar Tour. The deal is this: beginning at 2 p.m. Saturday, anyone who buys a Bar Tour package (starting at just $25) can enjoy $2 Budweiser products at various hot spots around Verizon Center (Greene Turtle, Penn Social, RFD, Rocket Bar, Iron Horse Taproom, etc.). For the record, Iron Horse is our personal preference, but no one's here to judge.

Anyway, not a bad deal, right (though it'd be better if they included this type of Budweiser in the promotion)? However, the eagle-eyed Michael Lee of the Post was perusing the ad for this on his paper's website and something struck him funny.


Spot what's wrong with this picture? If you didn't, here's Lee himself to help you out.

Speaking as ones who received the dreaded 'X' marked on our hands in more bars than we care to remember our freshman year of college, all we can say is, oh, dear.

For the record, Beal is the only player on the Wizards roster who is under 21.