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Georgetown vs. Florida: Billy Donovan says he's reached out to Hoyas about completing suspended game

After Georgetown's meeting with Florida was suspended at half, Billy Donovan says the schools have talked about completing the game.

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Mike Ehrmann

After the Georgetown Hoyas' game against the Florida Gators on Nov. 9 was suspended at halftime because of conditions on the USS Bataan, Florida coach Billy Donovan said Tuesday night that the two athletic programs had been in touch about finishing the game later this season.

According to a USA Today report, the schools have discussed finishing the game, which Florida led 27-23 at half, at Jacksonville Coliseum. The Florida athletic department has been in contact with Georgetown about possible defraying some of the travel costs that would arise as part of the rescheduled game, according to Donovan.

Although Donovan said there were "two or three dates that work for both teams," the report specifically singled out a Jan. 2, 2013 date as the easiest for both programs.

The game was originally part of the Navy-Marine Corps Classic, but was suspended because of condensation that had accumulated on the deck of the Bataan and on the court.