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Virginia vs. Virginia Tech 2012: Hokies win despite being 'bad football team'

The Hokies earned a last-second victory over the Cavaliers.

Streeter Lecka

The Virginia Tech Hokies beat the visiting Virginia Cavaliers, 17-14, on a 29-yard Cody Journell field goal with no time remaining.

The win puts the Hokies in a position to be bowl eligible. With their stature in college football, Frank Beamer's team will almost certainly grab a decent bid for a 6-6 team.

Over at Gobbler Country, the review of this game was anything but positive:

This Virginia Tech team is a bad football team. There is no getting around that. I won't try to explain the game in detail or give you a blow-by-blow, because if you saw the game you know, and if you didn't you're incredibly privileged, and explaining it to you would force you to gouge your eyes out with a pair of dull safety scissors.

It certainly wasn't pretty for Virginia Tech, who just couldn't seem to put away a very mediocre team in Virginia. The Hokies defense was very solid, allowing just 30 passing yards and 217 total yards for the day.

However, the offense was a wreck during stretches. Quarterback Logan Thomas was average to say the least, completing only 18-of-38 passes for 129 yards and a touchdown.

Now, Virginia Tech will try to correct some of its many issues before playing in a bowl game sometime in December.