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Maryland vs. Georgia Tech Scoring Update: Terps Helpless on Offense, Trail 20-0 At Half

Maryland now trails 20-0 at halftime against Georgia Tech, as the Terps have been unable to find any sort of offense to compete with the visitors.

The Yellow Jackets started the quarter on Maryland's 15-yard line after a Shawn Petty fumble, and did not miss the chance to capitalize. David Sims ran for ten yards on two carries, and Orwin Smith ran the remaining five around the right side for a touchdown, giving Tech a 13-0 lead.

On Maryland's next possession, Wes Brown came out to play quarterback in the "Wild Crab". The formation got nine yards on two plays - a four yard run by Stefon Diggs and five from Brown - but the Terps decided to bring out the I-Form for third-and-one. Albert Reid was tackled for a loss of one, and the Terrapins punted again.

On Tech's next drive, it was Vad Lee who came up big. Lee ran for 24 yards on the second play, and after a combined 19 yards from Sims and Robert Godhigh, Lee ran twice more for six yards, including a two-yard lunging score. The Yellow Jackets increased their lead to 20-0.

After another Maryland punt (on a drive where the Terps finally got their first first down of the game), Renfro punted, and Georgia Tech failed a fourth-down conversion. On the play, however, Demetrius Hartsfield was hurt. Shawn Petty also went to the locker room, but returned a few plays later.

The Terps have 61 total yards, and Petty has completed one of six passing attempts for a singular yard. They have 60 yards on the ground, led by nine rushes for 38 yards by Brown.