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Maryland vs. Georgia Tech Scoring Update: Maryland Scores, Still Trail 27-7

The Terrapins had a much-improved quarter on offense in the third against Georgia Tech, and managed to score a touchdown. Georgia Tech scored one of their own, however, and the Terps enter the fourth trailing 27-7.

Maryland put together their first legitimate drive of the game to start out the quarter, lasting seven minutes but ending without a score. Brandon Ross started the drive with an 11-yard run, and Shawn Petty ran three times for 14 yards and another first down. Two plays later, Petty completed a 14-yard pass to Kevin Dorsey over the middle for a first. Petty fell down on a fourth-and-three opportunity, giving up an easy sack and ending the drive.

After three-and-outs from each team, Georgia Tech scored quickly. Orwin Smith ran for five yards, Tevin Washington ran for 26, Smith ran for 25, Synjyn Days ran for eight, and Robert Godhigh punched it in with a five-yarder to make it 27-0.

Wes Brown suffered an ankle injury, making way for Ross at tailback. He ran five times for 41 yards, bringing the Terps to the Jackets' 16. Petty completed a pass over the middle to Stefon Diggs, who juked out a defender and stretched out for the score.

Petty has now completed 4/11 passes for 32 yards and a score, while rushing 13 times for 14 yards. Ross leads the team with 11 rushes for 55 yards.