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20 Questions with Robert Griffin III

Redskins rookie reveals questionable taste in TV, candy.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

At some point over the summer, we made the executive decision to scale back our coverage of Robert Griffin III. Sure, we'd keep track of his every move on the field, but we decided to step back and give the man some space off the field. Not every furrow needs to be plowed within an inch of its life.

We've more or less managed to keep our vow until this week, when NBC4's Dan Hellie scored an exclusive interview with RGIII; call it a phenom-at-the-halfway-point sitdown (Disclosure: we have drawn a regular paycheck from NBC Washington since October 2011). Of course, it helped that it came on the heels of a dramatic Thanksgiving Day win over Dallas, but we found the 20 Questions portion to be the most valuable part. Where else can you find the answers to probing questions like this?

Favorite TV shows?

RGIII: "The Voice." I love music so I like "The Voice." And then other than that I really don't watch too much. "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" and I guess you could say "Two and a Half Men.

Hey, now, this is a judgement-free 20 Questions, so stop sniggering at the back.

Celebrity you've been star struck meeting?

RGIII: Doug Flutie.

Not surprising. Fraternity of the mobile QBs, and all that.

Guilty pleasure?

RGIII: Food, I guess. Now and Laters.

OK, now that's just unacceptable. Someone get the man some Jolly Ranchers chews, stat.