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D.C. United, Pepco discussing new stadium in Southwest

District officials and Pepco have begun talks of the possibility that would bring a new soccer stadium for D.C. United in Southwest D.C.'s Buzzard Point.

Ned Dishman

Could the D.C. United soccer team have a brand new soccer stadium in the near future? According to Jonathan O'Connell of The Washington Post, district officials and Pepco have begun early talks regarding the possibility of building a soccer stadium where the utility's facilities are currently located in Buzzard Point of Southwest D.C.

While talks have just begun, it is a move in the right direction as Pepco previously stated "no land will be made available," for a soccer stadium in March. Pepco may still be unwilling to give up their land, but the two sides have said talks have begun because of the involved parties' curiosity if it could be done.

Pepco spokesman Marcus Beal confirmed the talks to O'Connell in an e-mail, stating "Pepco has been in preliminary discussions with representatives from the District and DC United regarding the potential siting of a new soccer stadium near the Buzzard Point Facility."