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Redskins vs. Panthers NFL inactives: Pierre Garcon, Brandon Meriweather out for Washington

The Washington Redskins will take on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday afternoon at FedEx Field with plenty at stake.

The list of inactives for the Week 9 contest are out, and they're as follows:

Redskins: QB Rex Grossman, S Brandon Meriweather, DB Richard Crawford, G Adam Gettis, WR Pierre Garcon, OL Maurice Hurt, DE Doug Worthington.

Panthers: QB Jimmy Clausen, WR Brandon LaFell, WR Joe Adams, DB Ron Parker, DB D.J. Campbell, LB Antwan Applewhite, DE Thomas Keiser.

The biggest names on the list for Washington are Garcon and Meriweather, who continue to battle back from injury. The loss of Garcon especially hurts, considering the lack of depth the Redskins have at wide receiver.

For Carolina, LaFell is really the only impact player who's on the list. Cam Newton could use all the targets he can get right now, with his team only holding one win on the season.

Washington is in the hunt for a playoff spot, despite struggling lately against the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers.