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Panthers vs. Redskins: DeAngelo Williams rips Redskins 'homecoming'

The Panthers running back takes on the college mentality in firing himself up for Sunday's game.

Patrick McDermott

The Redskins held what they called a homecoming on Sunday, bringing back as many alums as they could and recognizing the ten former players who were added to the franchise's current list of the 80 greatest players, coaches, and other personnel in the team's illustrious history.

All very innocuous, right? Not to DeAngelo Wiliams, who revealed in the postgame how he used the festivities as motivation to fire himself up. Via Sky Kerstein of 106.7 The Fan.

"I picked up the "Gameday" and I'm looking at the "Gameday" and it's customary and it says "homecoming" and I'm thinking to myself this is the National Football League are you serious? Homecoming? Homecoming and it's not like you tried to hide it," Williams said. "You blatantly put it on the front of the "Gameday" and you talk about somebody fired up today. I was pissed ... That was definitely motivating, you don't say you're going to have a homecoming in the National Football League.

Williams said he brought it up in the pregame speech and added, "You don't book a good team for homecoming."

Whatever you need to get you going, man.

The full audio's here, if you're so inclined.