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SB Nation, Monumental Sports & Entertainment form content partnersip

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We're happy to officially announce our partnership with Monumental Sports and Entertainment.

Patrick McDermott

As senior editor of SB Nation DC, it gives me great pleasure to officially raise the curtain on our content partnership with Monumental Sports and Entertainment. You can read the whole press release here, if you are so inclined.

How does this effect you, the reader? It will enhance the work done by Bullets Forever and Japers Rink, as well as by SB Nation DC's Wizards and Capitals editors by providing even more pregame and postgame coverage and content. We'll have the ability to cross-promote videos, blog posts, articles and do other things that we either couldn't have done before or could only have done with much difficulty.

To that end, we'll be rolling out two new features this month:

The first is called "Press Box," a bi-weekly roundtable show that will featuring reporters, broadcasters, and bloggers. To tell you what kind of talent is on offer, the first show features Wizards radio voices Dave Johnson and Glenn Consor, Wizards digital correspondent Casey Phillips, and Bullets Forever blogrunner Mike Prada and SB Nation DC Wizards editor Thomas Pruitt.

The second feature, called "On The Road," will involve previews and insight of select Wizards road games with members of SB Nation's robust NBA community. The first of these is scheduled for Nov. 30, when the Wizards travel to the Big Apple to play the New York Knicks.

And there's more great stuff where that came from. We're very excited, and you should be, too.