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Video: CSN Washington airs fake campaign ads on Redskins pregame show

These are the least-grating campaign ads you'll ever see.

Hello, folks. We're not sure if you realize this, but there's an election coming up tomorrow. I know, I know, it's sneaked up on everybody, but there it is.

Since Sunday's Redskins/Panthers game was the subject of much jocular anticipation due to the so-called "Redskins Rule" (if the Redskins win their final home game before the election, the party that won the popular vote four years before will win it again; if the Redskins lose, they won't), CSN Washington got into the spirit of the thing and aired three mock campaign on their pregame show.

The first compares Robert Griffin III to Tony Romo. Bonus points for the Terrell Owens appearance.

The second one features Alfred Morris. We like the earnestness, less so the car.

And then we have Brian Mitchell trolling Chick Hernandez. We fully support more B-Mitch in our lives, but we won't countenance a palace coup in Bethesda. Sorry, man.

All in all, we approve these messages.