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Florida State vs. Virginia Tech 2012: Hokies 'lose heartbreaker' to Seminoles Thursday night

The Virginia Tech Hokies held a 22-20 lead over the No. 10 Florida State Seminoles with under three minutes to play in the fourth quarter on Thursday night, before Seminoles quarterback E.J. Manuel engineered a game-winning drive that ended in a 39-yard touchdown strike to wide receiver Rashad Greene.

Chris Hatcher of SB Nation's Gobbler Country said it was another case this season of the Hokies not taking advantage of opportunities, as he pointed to Virginia Tech's drive, which ultimately ended in the field goal that gave them the 22-20 lead, that stalled inside the 10-yard line. Hatcher explains:

With under seven minutes remaining, knowing they needed another score and with momentum on their side, Tech marched the ball down the field, methodically picking up medium-yardage, until they got to the FSU 13-yard line, where they began to quazi-run the clock (leaving as much as 15 seconds on the play clock).

Hatcher added, "It was a display of terrible clock management, as the Hokies either kept themselves from getting more time on their last possession, or gave the Seminoles more time depending on how it would have played out. At any rate, they were unable to pick up a first down, and on 4th-and-1 at the FSU 4-yard line, opted to kick a 21-yard field goal to make it 22-20 in favor of the Hokies with 2:19 remaining."

With the loss, one in which Hatcher noted "players showed max effort, hung in there, and made a real game out of a matchup with a team that is in the top-10," Virginia Tech must win their last two games to become bowl eligible.