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Georgetown vs. Florida cancelled due to condensation on the court

The game between Georgetown and Florida aboard the USS Bataan was cancelled at halftime due to condensation rendering the court unplayable.

Chris Trotman

With the Florida Gators holding a 27-23 halftime lead over the Georgetown Hoyas aboard the USS Bataan in Jacksonville, Fla., the officials were forced to cancel the contest due to condensation on the court. It marked the second time on Friday that a marquee college basketball game had to be cancelled in such a manner, with the Ohio State-Marquette game aboard the USS Yorktown in Mount Pleasant, S.C., being called off earlier in the evening for the same reason. Officials tried to keep the court dry enough to play the second half, but were unable to make conditions safe enough for the game to continue.

The first half had been a defensive contest. Georgetown had difficulty penetrating the Florida zone and was relegated largely to an outside game, making only three of 13 first-half shots from downtown. The Hoya defense, forcing eight Florida turnovers, had kept Georgetown within striking distance headed into halftime.

According to NCAA rules, the contest will not be counted as win for the Gators. A suspended game may be continued from the point at which it was suspended on a later date, but there is no word as of yet whether the two teams will get together to finish the contest with the season just beginning.

Georgetown returns to Washington, D.C. for what now will become their official season opener against the Duquesne Dukes on Sunday night at the Verizon Center.