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VIDEO: Maryland football goes 'Gangnam Style'

Happy Holidays, everyone.

Year 2 of the Randy Edsall went a little better than Year 1. Instead of 2-10, the injury-hit Terrapins improved their won-loss record to 4-8. And where Edsall offseason No. 1 was marked by transfers galore, Edsall offseason No. 2 has so far been marked by ... Gangnam Style parodies.

Yes, from the fertile mind of junior defensive back Dexter McDougle comes Maryland Football's very own spin on PSY's "Gangnam Style," with cameo appearances by junior offensive lineman Pete White and senior defensive lineman A.J. Francis (better known to his Twitter follows as @The_Franchyze).

And since you've all been good little boys and girls (and if you haven't been, who cares?), here's the video below.

Consider this our fourth day of Hanukkah gift to all of you. No, no, no need to thank us, folks, just enjoy the holiday spirit captured by this film.

Thanks to Testudo Times for the spot. And thanks to McDougle for having the good sense to tweet this out. Swag, indeed.