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NBC4 reporter takes a ride in Alfred Morris' 'Bentley'

You probably have a nicer car than a 1,000-yard NFL running back.

Hundreds of words have been written about the 1991 Mazda 626 in which Redskins star rookie running back Alfred Morris tools around. Some of those words are here. Others are here. And here. And here. You get the idea.

But when you're fourth in the NFL in rushing (1,228 yards entering Week 15), the "Bentley," as Morris calls it, stops being a curiosity and starts being fashionable. With that in mind, WRC's Carol Maloney took a ride with Morris this week and the outcome was broadcast Wednesday night.

Thanks to NBC Washington for the video. (Disclaimer: Owing to our part-time work as a web editor at NBC Washington, we are technically colleagues of Maloney).

Now you can tell your friends and/or significant others that your car is officially nicer than that of a 1,000-yard NFL running back. We know we have. Unfortunately, as the Post pointed out recently, the 626 seems a little unreliable in cold weather, which means Morris might have to get some newer, nicer winter wheels. Pity, that.